A sunset with her : from a post wedding photoshoot.

Meet my friends,  Sudheesh and Athira.. Newly married..  Full of love..  May be the best evening they had before he left abroad for job..  Here in our place most of the youngsters fly abroad for better salary,  Gulf countries are the main priority here.. Clicked this pic for their wedding album..  I was in love with the sky.. Golden rays, greenish trees, and these two in the frame makes the shot beautiful.. 
Now they must wait for a year to be together again.  
Pardon my poor English, i hope my photo speaks better than my writing..  Dont hesitate to leave suggestions/commments.

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In between chasing lightenings

Those who hav tried to capture lightnings must know how much patience you reaaly need to get one perfect clik..  This pic was taken when my patience started to leak at a moment. I changed my frame and decided to clik this pic,  And exactly wen i was cliking this , a big lightning hit wer i had set my frame before.. I completely lost it and screamed,  I was on a call with my friend all the time  who had cliked lightnings before and he said laughing 
 “That’s the rule of lightning photography man”.   #yadukrishnan
Regained my patience and got few lightning pics for that night…  

Wish i had the camera with me..  

A mobile phone clik…  

Was out with my girlfriend that day..  After a long drive and sighseeings, we decided to spend our evening here at this place and to talk about our future…  About how to convince  her parents to accept me the way i am (photographer) .  (if you dont know,  here in india, kerala we photographers dont value much in wedding market)  as the conversation got lit,  the sky was also getting better and better.  I realy dont know when i stopped listening to her and started clicking this sky. Sky got better and better for each minutes passed by. At the end felt like this sky didnt last so long, it was then I realized that she was sitting there looking madly at me. Rest of the night went in making her happy again and however i succeeded in that. Later  dropped her off and returned back. 

On the way back I was so mad at me for not bringing the camera wid me..  I hope this photo isn’t that bad though..


Chasing lightenings 

The first perfect lighting i got… Spend around an hour and half to get this pic..  It was raining lightly but the hunger to clik a lightning kept me there…  I was reaally reaaally frustrated till i got this one..  And guess what the patience paid off..