Hi everyone. here is the story how i clicked this image.

@alintzaa thats her name on every social media. She was born in romania, studied in italy and was working and living in london for past few years. A single girl with a dream to travel the whole world. Met her on instagram. She was in india on a tour and i asked her if she wanted to take some photos at some unique places and she said yes.. she was concerned about her safety here, which every lone traveller should be. but i got her convinced.

i came to know from her instagram posts that she was just seeing places, so i asked her out on a hiking trip at munnar which is in my state kerala, and i also showed her some of the pics i clicked there before. She was impressed and said “lets do it”.

As she was concerned about her safety she asked if she could add one more guy on the tour whos also a lone travellor she met in the north. i was okay with that and we started. his name was Pete, “2 meter Pete” they caled him. A super tall guy, who has been to almost every best places on our planet. i was so taken by his life style. No social media except an email i.d and whatsapp.

We started and drove straight to munnar in my car, and yes they paid for the fuel (:P) . i had already booked two tents on topstation, we reached there by noon and went straight to the hike after lunch.

I have Acrophobia, thats the main reason i do hiking. i want to get rid of this fear of heights. last time i was literally sliding down the hill. This time i was a bit slow, but i was on my foot. after this wonderful hike down the hill and a photoshoot down in the waterfall we came up. By then the tents were set.

It started freezing by the night came in, was around 9-10 degree celcious around midnight. as the clouds and fog passed thats wot the sky looked like. we could see the milkyway. With no light pollution around.

Told her about the chance of getting a photo beneath the stars and she said yes instantly. she was so exicted and impressed with this picture, even pete joined for one later.

I have a milky way picture comming soon… stay tuned… and you can contact me without hesitation if you want to take some nice pictures… 😛

and do let me know how good is this picture in the comment session, not my english 😀 😛5m4a4388acc-539596100.jpg


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